Thursday, 28 July 2011


Just a quick lil post. Me and my two girlies, Jay and Linz, had our own little tea party in the garden yesterday. Thought i'd show you some photos....

We baked the scones made the tea and used plenty of my Grandmother's old floraly vintagey bits and bobs from around the house...

haha jolly jay.

Friday, 22 July 2011

A trip to the land of Scots.

I spent last week up in Scotland visiting family before I head off to Paris for the year! eeeek. I stayed with my lovely big cuz Morbhen which was fun (I have never met a sillyer 26 year-old). Here are a couple of photos from the trip...

This seems like quite a random thing to blog about but this is my auntie Kathleen's pantry, it's such a dream! She is a caterer and the most insanely organised person I know. You walk in and there's every type of food and drink you could imagine including tins labeled: mars bars, flakes, chocolate, marshmallows. Ahh I love it!

We discovered Koppaberg strawberry and lime cider yummy.

This is a bar on Bath road in Glasgow called Flat 01. Probably the quirkiest bar I've ever been to, the whole decor is set out to look like a flat party...

including sofas, cupboards, a dining table, a bed...

and jam jars as glasses!

A little vintage cutie we stumbled across called tattybon.

We also went to my cousin's favourite cafe in Glasgow called the Trans-Europe Cafe which was a really sweet little place, it had maps and post cards on the walls....

and bus seats as chairs. The guy in the red top above is the owner, who's a very chirpy chappy who chats away to everyone and even sings while taking your order.

Delish carrot cake.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Did a bit of baking the other day with my friend Jimbaleeee, had a go at the hummingbird chocolate and hazelnut cupcakes. I'm pretty proud, especially as my cupcakes usually turn out looking like messy kiddies cakes.

I'd recommend hummingbird, so many delishhh looking things to make.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I worked at Glastonbury festival this year with my friend Cat. We didn't have the most glamorous job- night car park attendants woo! The work was pretty long but we did meet some funny people, got time in the festival and had the whole of Sunday off which was such a nice day.
Our lovely e12 - camper vans to the left

5am boredom

I love all the random quirky stuff you find at glasto.

I honestly wasn't a fan before but I loved seeing Beyoncé. Her performance was amazing and now I want to be her!

Oh and I thought I better say thank you Cat-kins for letting me use some of her photos!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A little trip to London town.

In February (again I'm stupidly late posting this) Katreenz and I took a trip to have a look at LondonFashionWeek and do a bit of shopping and general exploring.
It was fun, especially as it turned out to be longer than expected as we missed the last train home and had to stay at a friends! oopsie.

The best breakfast at Le Pain Quotidian. The blondie white chocolate spread is particularly amaze!

Somerset House.

Jewls in the LFW show.

Keen bargain hunters at the show

Well I loved my first Snog! And it's fat free!

Friday, 1 July 2011


Arghh I'm being a bit slow, I've still got a load of things I want to add to my blog before I get up to date. But I promise to move a bit quicker as I am just chilliaxing at home at the mo. 
Any hows, last year I went to Barcelona with one of my besties for a little weekend break. I've always wanted to go and I loved it! Would definitely recommend it as a place you have have have to visit at some point in your life.  So here are a few of my faves.
This is at the market de la Boquería which is just of the Rambles, which is mainly a food market. But the colours and the way they stack the food is pretty amazing.

Sagrada Familia- still not finished.

Mosaic at Gaudi's Parc Guell

Looking back through these makes me excited, I cant wait to go back and visit one of my flatmates who is moving there on Sunday!! Lucky girlie.
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